June 3, 1983 – Salt Lake City, Utah, USA – Salt Palace Assembly Hall

Opening Act(s): The Alarm
Gloria, An Cat Dubh, Into The Heart, Surrender, Two Hearts Beat As One, Sunday Bloody Sunday, October, New Year’s Day, Party Girl, 40. (incomplete setlist)
Many rumours abound regarding this show. Claims that this show was a disaster and U2 vowed to never return to Utah appear to be false. There are also reports that U2 played a new song at this show, possibly the unknown song rehearsed during the soundcheck in Minneapolis on May 22, 1983, though contrary to some reports, this new song definitely was not Pride as that song was not created until November 1983. It is also possible that the new song was either The Refugee or Drowning Man, two songs with no known live performances but that the Deseret News’s report alleges were performed at this show. The Deseret News also claims that this show consisted of 16 songs. Out Of Control may have been played; there is conflicting information on whether or not it was in the set, and for this reason, we currently do not list it in the above incomplete setlist.

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