Deena Dishes on LARRY

Did you know Larry Mullen Jr is a vegetarian? I am not sure why, but I keep forgetting that. In 2006, Larry was nominated for Sexiest Vegetarian, but he lost to Kristen Bell. Maybe being a vegetarian is the reason why each tour Larry looks thinner. His body mass has changed significantly over the years. Not that I think vegetarianism is unhealthy. It is very healthy as long as you make sure you get protein from other sources, of which there are plenty.

Larry’s vegetarianism is just another thing he and I have in common, along with our love for Elvis. Well actually, I am not a vegetarian anymore. But over the years, I have gone through cycles of vegetarianism I was even vegan for two whole months but couldn’t find a good cheese substitute. And to me, cheese is the U2 of food. Each time I chose to be a vegetarian, it was because I didn’t want to kill animals. I still don’t think it is right that animals have to die so can eat, especially when there are so many other alternatives. But I would always wind up feeling like a hypocrite because I could not be 100% animal free (i.e. leather, makeup, wine). I would love to find out Larry’s reason for being a vegetarian. I will ask him that right after I ask him about his love for Elvis, that is assuming I am ever lucky enough to have an actual conversation with the man – and assuming my mouth works.