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TAMPA, Fla. As U2 fans from around the world continue to converge on Tampa Bay, one thing is for sure. Tampa knows how to handle the big shows. U2 has performed in Tampa before, a few times in fact, nor is this Tampa’s first time handling major events.

Most of the core U2 fans that have attended other shows have experiences about the entry process to the entire GA Golden Book to know how to get up close and personal with their favorite band member. In 2009 U2 packed more than 70,000 dedicated fans into the new Tampa stadium at the time making it the largest concert event ever.

So what can you expect? Well, security will be tight, very tight. Fans leave your selfie stick, and pretty much everything else at home.  Bring that credit card you used to buy your ticket and be sure that all of your group is together.  Smile, enjoy the process because if you do not enjoy the process; well the rest of the evening will SUCK. Yea we said SUCK. It could rain, and yes the band will perform.  They have experience in the rain.

What else do you need to know?

Use only a clear bag. No large bags, umbrellas. Remember we have told you this on every North American stadium show. Its an NFL rule not the venue, not the promoter or the band. If don’t bring it to a game don’t bring it to this concert.

Pay attention to drop off points for ride sharing in this town professional car services have the prime spots which mean you can expect to see tons of town cars, limos, party buses and your’s looks like ours so pay attention.

One thing we can for sure tell you. Your about to have the experience of a lifetime. U2 has perfected the stadium show. Just relax and enjoy it.

For us this is bittersweet, this is home for our owner and his family, and while he and his wife will be attending the show, he is fully expecting our team to be even more on point. So wait to see some live video on social media and heck he might even throw a few shout outs back to us. ( one can hope )

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