U2 took charge on The Tonight Show (Video and Photos)

U2 are back, and in top form as they were guess on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. U2 was the only booked guest on the hour-long late night program, which featured Bono bike crash re-enactments, subway bushing, and a full on performance in front of a live studio audience. This is the first public performance by the band since the November bike accident that landed Bono in the hospital, and then 6 months of recuperations. The band sounded very tight, and Bono’s voice was fantastic!

The show opened with the usual Fallon monologue, then quickly jumped into the good stuff:


The Bono bike reenactment




The Subway Skit

  The interview with Jimmy Fallon


Then the #U2ie tour promo video (courtesy of @U2news)


Then the performance of Beautiful Day, Angel of Harlem and the best live version to date of Song For Someone.


That’s a quick recap of the nights episode. If you missed the broadcast for whatever reason I’m sure you’ll run across it online this weekend somewhere.

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