#U2Request Day: Are You Ready?

Well, are you? Because it’s here! Today’s the day when U2 fans around the world tweet the hell out of Guy Oseary (***update*** apparently, tagging Guy or anyone else is a clear violation of the rules and since I’m all about respecting the rules, scratch that part) in a concerted effort to get U2 to play something they wouldn’t normally play – and like Bono says, their voices will be heard (hopefully. We’ll see.) In the beginning, it seemed unofficially determined that the success of the U2 Request campaign would be whether or not the band played Acrobat – but now, the requests are going in every possible direction throughout the U2 catalog. A quick check into the Twitter thread today reveals these suggestions:

  • Two Hearts Beat As One
  • 11 O’Clock Tick Tock
  • Do You Feel Loved
  • Heartland
  • Mercy (Thank you! Live in Brussels version only, please! No tricks.)
  • A Sort of Homecoming (Have I mentioned this is my pick? Only a few hundred times…)
  • Electric Co.
  • Gloria (I predict this happening. It’s just a feeling.)
  • October
  • Wire
  • Exit
  • Love is Blindness

Note to #U2Request fans: There’s no point in posting requests for songs U2 is probably already going to play. You will hear Elevation, you will hear Vertigo, you will most definitely hear With or Without You and if you don’t hear Streets, then U2 may as well call it quits now. Let’s keep this movement centered on those songs that the band would not normally include in the set list, just for the sake of improving the odds that this campaign will succeed. And remember: It’s “hey, hey…sha-la-la…hey, hey” – then WAIT. If they are ever going to play Wild Horses again, they have to know that the fans won’t muck up the chanting. They care about pleasing us, but they care about putting on a high quality show more.

See you on #U2Request Day.

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