Where is U2?

Seriously, where are they? First, they’re not at the Grammys; clearly, Guy Oseary’s people placed a call to the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences that went something like this: “Best rock album. Did they win? No? Fine, they’re not coming.” Then, they’re not on the SNL 40th anniversary special – which would have been amazing, especially at the moment Paul McCartney and Paul Simon walked out and joked that “singers named Paul” should be able to host SNL. Come on! How spectacular would it have been for Paul Hewson to get in on that? If nothing else, there would have been a historic spike in Google searches for “Bono real name,” which would have given all of us a good laugh.

I know what some fans would say: There’s always U2 news somewhere. Sorry everyone, but Bono writing a song for a “fantasy adventure flick” starring Willie Nelson is not exactly my idea of U2 news. Our only comfort, at this hour, is knowing that the guys are continuing to add tour dates and therefore they must be getting a jump start on rehearsals. I’d like to think that’s what they’re doing with their time. If only they had a webcam on them like they did while recording ATYCLB – remember, that camera that allowed us a glimpse of Adam Clayton’s gradually whitening hair for two seconds at a time, or maybe a corner of Edge’s beanie back when it was still forest green? If you recall, that’s about all we were able to see. If you don’t recall, here’s a quick recap of what you missed back then.

Where is U2? I don’t know, but hopefully they’ll be worth the wait when they emerge this spring. Duh, of course they will.

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