No Opening Acts on the Horizon?

(Editors note: On May 11th 2015, Live Nation confirmed that there will NOT be an opening act for the U2 Innocence + Experience tour.)

A few U2 tour rumors have been floating around over the past week, the most recent of which is the notion that there may not be an opening act this time around. Because the boys now enjoy status comparable to The Rolling Stones and Springsteen, it seems like this could be a possibility. Hardcore fans like us would love it, that’s for sure; the ecstasy-popping clubbers who stood next to me at the Rose Bowl show and left after the Black Eyed Peas, not so much. But could Bono – or rather, would he – sing for a full two and a half hours every night? Ah, if only.

Personally, I don’t think it’s likely. Then again, who would have thought that this time around, U2 would dream it all up again by making every other show all-acoustic? (If that’s really happening…they seem to want us to think that it is.)

So, who would open for U2 at this stage in their career? I’m making a prediction right here, so people get ready; there’s a train a-comin’ here. It’s a model that plays on the “Innocence & Experience” theme: The first night in a city will be the “innocence” show, and the opening act will be someone very new, perhaps a band you’ve never heard of before (like Kings of Leon during the time of the Vertigo tour. Ugh, those guys…I digress). Perhaps U2 would make this the acoustic night, or at least play a longer acoustic set. The second night would be the “experience” show, and the opening act will be someone with a long career, lots of hits, etc. (think Lenny Kravitz on the last tour, or No Doubt on the Elevation tour). U2’s set would then be more like their traditional show, with more energy and a shorter acoustic set.

Mmkay, so what do you think? Will there be an opening act, and do you want one – or not? You can dream, so dream out loud…And don’t let the bastards who make fun of you for being excited about seeing U2 after five long years get you down.

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