U2 on TIME mag cover, takes to the air waves to talk Songs of Innocence

1101870427_400u2_timeintcover0929Today was a big day where we saw a slew of interviews being aired across the US, and elsewhere in the World. It all started with the release of a portion of the upcoming TIME magazine September 29th edition which features U2 on the cover. You can read the TIME articles, here, here, here, and here. U2 have been on the cover of TIME only once before in 1987, you remember the headline Rock’s Hottest Ticket it basically placed U2 on a different level and made it official that they had arrived. This upcoming issue has the headline The New U2 – The Veteran Rock Band Faces The Future. The U2 cover is only on the International edition, the US edition will feature a different cover.

TIME has several articles that they have posted online discussing the recent Apple release and they talked about an upcoming secret Apple project.

Here is a few take a ways from the TIME article(s):

– Bono hopes “a new digital music format in the works will prove so irresistibly exciting to music fans that it will tempt them again into buying music”. (Secret Apple project)
– 38 million people had accessed Songs, downloading the album or streaming it.
– The four school friends that formed U2 in 1976 are closer than ever.
– Two new songs to be release along with acoustic versions of several Songs of Innocence

Radio Interviews:

Bono, The Edge, and Adam all gave radio interviews on various stations across the US, Canada, and Argentina. Some of these were pre-recorded others where live.

Bono was on KROQ in LA talking to Kevin & crew of the Kevin & Bean show. They discussed the Song of Innocence launch, and Bono’s insecurities early on.

Here the interview here:


– Bono was also on 93XRT in Chicago today, and was interviewed by Marty Lennartz. LISTEN HERE

– Bono dropped in on LIVE105.3 FM toady to discuss the new release. LISTEN HERE

– Bono was on BBC Radio 2 with Jo Whiley LISTEN HERE

– The Edge was on 102.1 The Edge with Alan Cross and discusses the new album, the making of it, what’s next.



Adam Clayton on Argentinian radio Metro951

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