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    Your brilliant piece has given me an even more brilliant idea!

    I’m going to produce a U2 cover album of my own and have it out for sale by this summer.

    Sure it will be awful cos I sing worse than Joepit, and I’m going to ask Davcal to play his guitar. That’ll take care of your complaint that the artists on the one you bought stuck too close to the original songs. I’ll put Chris on the drums, and Jim will handle the bass. My album will sound NOTHING like the originals!

    But, the point is you bought that album cos you were desperate for a new U2 sound. You suspected it would be terrible, and you shelled out the money anyway. Hell, I’m thinking of buying it right now!

    Well, the market is ripe for that kind of audience, we all know that! I’m going to scoop up those dollars, euros and pounds before U2 get their act together and steal back this opportunity.

    Thanks, buddy! Now what shall I title it?

    Vision over Invisibility?
    Songs of Descent?
    Wake Up Dead Men??

    I’m leaning towards RAIDers of the Lost AB.

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