U2 at The Sphere in 2024? Edge ‘wouldn’t rule it out’

Sphere Entertainment CEO Jim Dolan said Friday night the next two acts are to be announced “soon” for The Sphere. What about the band playing there now?

The Edge is telling members of Irish media visiting over the weekend it is possible U2 will extend its run beyond December. Veteran sound engineer Joe O’Herlihy has also mused that the band might return in ’24, with drummer Larry Mullen Jr. returning to the band.

“I wouldn’t rule it out,” The Edge is quoted in the Irish Times. “That could happen, and we’d love it if it did.”

Bram van den Berg has been referred to across social media as U2’s “new” drummer. He’s actually the sub for Mullen, throughout the scheduled run of “U2:UV Achtung Baby.” Mullen recorded the new single, “Atomic City,” and is in the Vegas-set video. Whatever is U2’s future beyond December, Mullen is expected to be part of it.

The Edge says the Sphere is “intimate,” not always the first adjective used for the 17,500-seat globe.

“When you look up from here, you can really see people in the top-tier seats. You can pick out individuals. So it’s not like some of these arenas where you can’t see … ” the guitar great told the pub, while seated on stage. “The design is very good for communication. And the intimate moments, it’s amazing. Bono can whisper and you can hear it at the top of the venue, which of course is impossible most of the time.

“We’re still experimenting with that intimacy, and that’s going to be the fun for us over the next few weeks, trying different things.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal

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