Adam Clayton gives Larry Mullen Jr health update

U2 star Adam Clayton says drummer Larry Mullen Jr will find it “difficult” not performing with the band during their Las Vegas residency.

The drummer is recovering from surgery after drumming has taken its toll on his body.

He will be replaced by Bram van den Berg, the drummer of Dutch rock band Krezip when U2 will begin a run of dates at the newly opened MSG Sphere for an immersive show this autumn.

But Adam said that while Larry will find it difficult not being with them on stage this autumn, he is “taking his health very responsibly” but the bass guitarist admitted it will be “sad” without Larry.

He said: “The whole band and I’m sure the audience are going to be very sad and miss Larry but I think he is doing what Larry does, which is taking his health very responsibly and he wants to come back, he wants to be able to have a long career and continue his drumming.

“So, he is taking care of those injuries. He is very much behind the idea of us going on stage with Bram. I’m sure for him, and I mean Larry, it is a difficult moment to know that your band is going on stage and you’re not with them.

“But sometimes life deals these things and I mean there was a time when I think about it a few years ago when Bono couldn’t perform with us and Bruce Springsteen stepped in which is quite a strange one as well.

“And actually, Chris Martin did a turn as well, which is quite an extraordinary thing for U2 to play with these people as well, so it does happen in the life of bands.

“And there was certainly a concert that I missed a long time ago as well, so it does happen.”

But he said Bram has been putting in the work.

“Larry needs to get his health back together again. Bram has bravely taken the seat. He’s really put in the hours, learning the tunes and I think it is going to be a pretty fearsome band,” he told Ray D’Arcy on RTE Radio 1.

Adam admitted he still gets first night nerves, saying he often plans if he will forget to play the iconic songs while on stage.

It’s been nearly four years since the band performed.

“It is definitely going to be a night of sweaty palms and sweaty armpits but once you’re through the first five or six numbers you forget all of that, you enjoy the love that is coming off the audience.”

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