New U2 song AHIMSA featuring A.R. Rahman EP

U2 is set to release a new song ahead of the Sydney, Australia concert on November 22nd.

“Ahimsa” will be made available at midnight November 22nd (in each timezones) and will feature Indian musician A.R. Rahman. is also reporting additional details of a EP release:

Our sources at Universal have confirmed for us that a five track EP will be published in the upcoming weeks. The EP release will be a digital release and will feature “Ahimsa” as well as four other songs out of the U2 catalog. All four of the songs will be previously released U2 songs, but each will be presented in a new light for this EP. All four songs have been remixed by local Indian DJs for inclusion on the EP.

We’ll post more news on this when available!

U2 Ahimsa on Spotify:

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