Adam Clayton on plans going forward; “we really have no plans going into next year.”

The Real Health podcast with Karl Henry, has a world exclusive with U2’s Adam Clayton. They discuss all things health and fitness.

Speaking about the physical challenges performing to thousands of fans every night, Adam told me what he faces.

“It’s a bit of a surprise how something that you never even used to think about, you now have to manage… Now I feel it… Holding an instrument for those 2 ½ hours, I know that my shoulder and back and neck all need work… They get a bit seized up and that’s just an occupational hazard to be managed.”

“There is a point where you shouldn’t really be able to do this at this level, but with modern medicine and physio techniques, you can really keep on doing it.”

It might be a far cry from the rock n roll image, but health – both mental and physical – and fitness is a vital part of Adam’s lifestyle these days, especially when he is on the road with the band.

“My mornings are important… I like to get to the gym in the morning. I try and do at least five days a week, partly because it is nice for my head to actually get out and do something and have those endorphins. During the day [on a show day] I try and stop my head going into practical places… no meetings and phone calls… I need to try and keep myself free so that my flow of energy is there for the show.”

“I’m 58 now. So it’s a little bit of putting yourself first, recognising what you need to do… whether it’s working out, whether it’s running or whatever it may be…”.

Once the current tour ends in Dublin in November, there will be time though for reflection for Adam and the band on 2019 and beyond.

“This is the end of a four-year cycle of work and we really have no plans going into next year. We have got to the point where this is a full stop at the end of this project. We’re looking at next year as being a year of regrouping.”

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