Fans Come To Pittsburgh From Near & Far To See U2

David Crawley – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Reserved seat tickets to the U2 concert at Heinz Field Wednesday night sold out early. That left standing room-only, down on the field, which was first come, first served.

The general admission line is where the diehard U2 supporters could be found earlier in the day. They are the ones who travel from concert to concert, and country to country.

Jeff Reinhhart was first in line for this one.

“Caught a couple naps in the car,” he says. “But if you travel around and do these things in [general admission] lines, that’s what you do. That’s what you do to see them. Take a couple naps in the car, take a nap in a chair. Catch a couple of Z’s. That’s what you do to be ready for the concert.”

Fans had been sitting or standing for two days for the privilege of standing in a concert for another four hours. And that doesn’t count the time many spent traveling to get here.

“I’m from Rio de Janeiro, and I came here because I follow U2 everywhere I can,” says Paulo Penido. “I love the band. It’s a message of love.”

The weariness on their faces would lift when the first familiar note is played. Estela Toledo, of Los Angeles, says she fled Nicaragua with her family, years ago.

“Bono and the ‘Joshua Tree’ album talk about really what I lived in Nicaragua during the civil war as a child. Two of the songs that he plays in the ‘Joshua Tree’ are basically what I lived through,” she says.

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