U2 Joshua Tree Tour Questions

A wise man once sang, “We thought we had the answers; it was the questions we had wrong.” This prompts me to ask, What are your questions as we enter the final waiting phase before tour liftoff? Mine include:

  • Will Bono’s hair be closer to the color of an eggplant or a pumpkin? (Because the ladies are rooting for eggplant…come on, eggplant!)
  • Why is Ultraviolet the one AB song in the set? (This is not a complaint. It’s one of my favorites and I was blown away by it on 360. We’re just asking questions here.)
  • What if rehearsing Ultraviolet is all a clever ruse to fool us diehards, and they’re really going to pull Acrobat out like a brilliant magic trick to reward us for all our U2 requests 2 years ago?
  • What are the little things that give you away?
  • Will there be any, even a little, of the original “frolicking in the desert” footage (see photo above) on the screen? (Please please please…)
  • What Irish pub might the guys visit in LA? Seriously, fill me in if you have any ideas!

What are your U2 Joshua Tree tour questions?



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