U2’s Summer of Busting their Ass

It’s not over yet, is it?

Remember, “we’re busting our ass” is straight from The Edge’s mouth (otherwise, I probably wouldn’t title a blog post that way). That was about two weeks ago when the band was all together in LA recording, working with Skrillex and talking about new instruments. This week, it looks like Edge is in Boston, Adam is in Sao Paulo and Bono is floating around on boats in St. Tropez, which is arguably his favorite summertime activity (see UK press coverage of Bono every summer for the past 15 years; Bono loves his summertime French Riviera boating, no doubt). Other than that, he appears to be taking a lot of drunk selfies with strange women. Uh-oh…

It’s not August yet, guys! I thought that was the vacation month we all agreed on! It’s in the unwritten “we give you a great life, you give us an album every two to five years” clause of the U2 Fan Contract (you’ve all signed it, right?).

And where is Larry? I’ll surmise that he’s still hard at work, an assumption I’m making based on the fact that he never gives us any social media posts to account for his whereabouts. I’m picturing him still in LA, seated at the drum kit with his face bearing that trademark intensity as he pounds out beats with a rhythmic precision that could put one into a trance. So thank you, Larry, for doing your part to get Songs of Experience into our hands as quickly as possible!

Larry Mullen Jr, everyone: the man who gave them their first job and the indisputable hero of U2 for summer 2016.

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