Happy Bono’s Birthday!

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If you’re in Europe, Bono’s birthday was yesterday. If you’re in the U.S., Bono’s birthday was today. So here’s a brain teaser: If Bono, who lives in Europe, was in the U.S. today (and we believe he was)…then did he celebrate his birthday yesterday or today? Hmmmm…

Every year, Bono’s birthday is marked by a variety of initiatives – most of which involve fans like us creating memes for one another to enjoy (here’s mine.) One initiative that has worldwide acclaim, though, is Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday. I wrote about it two years ago here, for those who aren’t in the know about this cool and fitting tribute to our guy (who am I kidding, you all know about it or you wouldn’t be reading something like this!).

So, what’s in store for Bono’s 56th year? Let’s hope it includes:

  • Finishing Songs of Experience, an album that will be acclaimed both critically and commercially – one that everyone will be happy to get, however they get it
  • Announcing a new tour (bonus if it’s called the Innocence + Experience = Excellence Tour)
  • Permanently eliminating any remaining traces of orangey-blonde hair
  • Becoming a grandpa, because why not? That’s fun, right?
  • Running for U.S. President (sure he can. Just play along.)

I’m closing with an anecdote. When I got in my car this morning, the first thing I heard on the radio was the DJ saying, “It’s a legendary musician’s birthday! Happy 57th birthday to…” I rolled my eyes. “Bono’s 56, genius,” I said to the disembodied voice. “There’s this thing called Google that might help.”

He ignored me and concluded, “Happy birthday, Billy Joel!”


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