Happy St. Patrick’s Day, U2 Fans!

Let’s be honest: There’s no better day of the year to annoy our non-U2 friends on social media by inundating them with U2 lyrics, photos, videos, homemade memes with cheesy shamrock borders around Bono’s face and the like. If you haven’t done it yet, I highly encourage you to take the next few minutes to dig up some real vintage-y U2 in Dublin footage to share, preferably relevant to St. Patrick’s Day like this sweet 1982 MTV segment when U2 walked through Dockland acting like the adorable youngsters they were at the time. No one can stop you today!

So, what did the guys do for St. Patrick’s Day this year? We know what Bono spent the day doing: standing in his doorway and looking good doing it. He also gave us this bit of a lyric…could it be a hint of things to come?

Roam… the phone is where I live til I get home…
And when the doorbell rings
She tells me that I’ve got a key
I ask her how she knows it’s me…

How does she know it’s him? Is he going to make us wait for Songs of Experience to find out? More importantly, will she finally be impressed?

There is so much U2 content to be shared on St. Patrick’s Day, but here are my recommendations for really making sure you cover the gamut:

  • The aforementioned U2 on MTV for St. Patrick’s Day 1982
  • Bono and Edge on TFI Friday for St. Patrick’s Day in 2000
  • A shot of the whole band during SBS on the tour, with the Irish flag lights on the stage (see above)
  • This oh-so-Bono monologue on the unreleased “Wild Irish Rose

That should get you through the day! Have fun, everyone!


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