What’s U2 Doing in LA this Week?

As we all know, they were shunned by the Grammys so obviously (and very unfortunately) it isn’t that – although Bono was supposedly spotted at a pre-Grammy party with Orlando Bloom and company over the weekend (I only know this because when I did a Google News search for “Bono Grammys,” I found a Page Six article that says so). But since everyone’s a star in our town, who knows if that’s really true. His participation in the gala thrown in Lionel Richie’s honor on Valentine’s Day was via video tribute, so he may not have actually been in town until Monday.

Good news, though: I have a theory, and it’s a fun one! Could it be that our guys are the surprise guest on The Tonight Show while it’s taping in LA this week? Jimmy Fallon teased a surprise guest who will be on the show Wednesday, and it has me wondering if U2 is that guest (when they are together, we can regard the four members of U2 as one superhuman being…obviously).

How do I know they’re in LA? Check out U2’s social media pages, which place:

  • Adam at the Getty Center on Monday
  • Bono sleeping with an In-N-Out Burger hat on his face, also on Monday (as I have repeated to anyone who will listen in the past 24 hours, running into Bono at In-N-Out is pretty much a California U2 fan’s dream encounter. It’s basically on par with finding him in Death Valley standing alone next to The Tree with a wistful, nostalgic look on his face. I’m a lifelong Californian so I can say this. Yes everyone, The Tree is in Death Valley and not Joshua Tree National Park. Myth debunked!)
  • Edge driving on the freeways of Southern California pretty much every day, because he lives here – and in fact, I’m not sure how much more I can take when it comes to seeing photos of him visiting places within an hour’s drive of my location. It’s torture!
  • Larry…well, Larry doesn’t want us to know where he is.

What do you guys think? Will U2 be on The Tonight Show this week, or is there some other reason they’re in LA? And if there is some other reason, what is it? Sadly I’m not one of those fans who knows every meeting, appearance and summit on Bono’s calendar, so if you are, I need your feedback. Let’s figure this out!

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