U2 Life Goes On!


This week, those of you returning home from Dublin are probably somewhere between fantastically exhilarated and gravely depressed. You’ve probably forgotten who you are and where you come from, because for the past week, you were Irish – all smiling and making out with the powerful (AKA the upper echelon of U2 fandom, and possibly the boys themselves if you were lucky enough). But you’re back on the other side of the barricade now, and it’s time to focus! The tour isn’t over just yet and U2 life continues to go on, so get yourself together; you’ve got yourself stuck in a moment, but you can get out of it. Here’s how:

  • Remember, U2 goes back to Paris next week and the show will be telecast on HBO on December 7. Don’t have HBO? Proceed as normal on Periscope, Mixlr or Bono’s favorite streaming technology platform, Meerkat. Two shows are left, and there’s bound to be something special in them.
  • Enter to win a bike ride with Bono at the scene of his NYC accident as part of the (RED) Shopathon campaign for World AIDS Day. Donation bids start at $10, and according to Bono, “We’re going to have fun, and yeah, we’ll go visit the scene of the crime.” In other words, he WILL take you out for ice cream and selfies after you both make it through Central Park – he even says so here!
  • If you’re lamenting that the Dublin shows didn’t feature Song X, Y or Z of your choice, it’s still possible to hear at least one of them, A Sort of Homecoming – it just won’t be performed by U2. Pearl Jam must have read what I wrote just one week ago, because they took it upon themselves to play the first verse of the song as an intro to their song “MFC” in Colombia on Saturday night. You’re welcome, everyone!

See, there’s still plenty to get excited about in U2 Land – not to mention that Songs of Experience will be coming down the pike at some point in 2016, with (we can make an educated guess) more legs of the tour to follow.

Am I buggin’ ya? Don’t mean to bug ya. I’m just trying to find a decent melody, and encouraging everyone to do the same. U2 life goes on, even as this leg of the tour winds down.

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