Eagles Of Death Metal to play with U2 in Paris

[Update: Via U2.com “We’re back in Paris and it’s great to be here. Some people have been saying that Eagles of Death Metal will appear on stage with U2 tonight. This is not the case. We have another surprise guest planned for tonight’s show.‎”]

Less than a month after a terrorist attack that killed 89 people during a performance by rock band Eagles Of Death Metal, the group is reportedly preparing to return to the stage. Specifically, the band—including co-founder Josh Homme, who wasn’t with them on the night of November 14, when armed gunmen interrupted the band’s show at Paris’ Bataclan concert venue—is expected to join U2 for the final song of that group’s show in Paris on Sunday night.

Said concert is the first of two make-up shows U2 has planned for this weekend, replacing ones scheduled for November 14th and 15th, which were canceled when France was placed into a state of national emergency after the attacks. (The second show, on Monday night, is also being broadcast on HBO, as originally planned.)

Via: http://www.avclub.com/article/eagles-death-metal-play-u2-begin-touring-again-feb-229363

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