Congratulations to The Edge on His Daughter’s Wedding!

By now, most of us know that U2 attended the wedding of The Edge’s daughter, Hollie Evans, on Sunday. This isn’t about me saying, “You would have known that already if you followed me on Twitter” (although you would have!). Instead, this is about sharing in the joy of being in the U2 family. Hollie was the first U2 kid, and now she’s married – and that makes most of us pretty old, but it also makes us pretty blessed to be fans of the most family-oriented band in the world.

Bono loves to thank us on behalf of the band for giving them a great life, and when he does, I like to reply, “You’re welcome.” By now, we’ve all given U2 about 500 pounds each – that’s a Slane Castle reference, for those who missed it – and even though many of us didn’t have the funds to go to multiple cities on the North American tour, much less gallivant all over Western Europe for the past month like our guys did, we love to share in their experiences by following their adventures on social media.

For me it’s a win-win, because not only do I get to see snapshots of Bono living it up with Elton John in a ritzy nightclub in France somewhere, I get to see what the inside of a ritzy nightclub in France somewhere looks like. The same goes for the shots of Edge’s scenery in Tuscany: beautiful, right? If you’ve never been there and you’re not sure if you’ll ever be there, then it’s nice to see a photo of it on the official U2 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. And now that we all know for sure why Edge was in Tuscany – and why all of U2 was there – this is another one of those times that we can share in the joy of our favorite band’s “great life.” The life we gave them…the life they are always thanking us for.

So I guess my point is this: Don’t ever apologize for following this band around the world virtually (or literally, if you are lucky enough to do that), for knowing the names and general age range of their kids, or for being moderately, reasonably and innocently interested in their personal lives. Their music is personal, and that’s the way they want it. That’s their way of giving us a great life back.

Congratulations to The Edge – he was the first member of U2 to become a father, and now he’s the first to be a father-in-law!

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