U2 FOMO – Do You Have it Yet?

You all know what FOMO is, right? Fear of missing out. Are you experiencing it yet? Unless you’ve been hanging out in New York City for the past 2 weeks, attending as many shows as possible and getting into the ultimate U2 fan party of the century otherwise known as the @U2 20th anniversary bash, you probably are.

Just know that you’re not alone; even though it seems like everyone who’s anyone in the U2 fan community is having the time of their lives without you, there are plenty of us who are still at home, listening to the shows on Periscope and Mixlr just like you and going to work every day like total schmucks. Heck, we might even take a break from large portions of the shows to eat dinner with our families and miss out on major surprises like Two Hearts – and again, that’s okay! Someone will post a video within an hour of the show ending, so you aren’t really missing out. You’re living your life and making U2 fit around it.

Is it true that perfect love drives out all fear? Yes! It’s okay to have a life outside U2. Yes, Bono wants that for you. He really does.

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