U2 kicks off the Innocence + Experience tour

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There is no way I can do last night justice. You were all there, in some way, whether you were in Vancouver (and if you were, the rest of us hate you) or you were streaming live on Periscope, where the only person who was there that the rest of us love is named Derek Schumann (you can follow him on Twitter @bcbizman). Before Derek’s stream went up, maybe you were there for those first few magical songs on Q104.3 through IHeartRadio – until they pulled their feed, infuriating those of us who would rather hear Bono singing than their deejays talking about how great U2 is.

After that, you may have been there through a U2 Brazil fan feed that worked for a lucky few (that didn’t include me). So as many of us were saying on Twitter, Derek was the man of the night for streaming not just audio but video! Live, clear video! U2 Radio posted a real time setlist, as did some of our friends in the fan community like U2 Tours and U2Gigs, so there’s no need for me to recap it here. Suffice it to say that our guys did not disappoint, the rehearsals were a true reflection of the songs we would hear and U2 is SO back it’s scary!


  • Out of Control. Out of Control. Out of Controooolllll!
  • The Sweetest Thing, guys! The Sweetest Thing!
  • The Hands that Built America Snippet (and “I’m an Irishman in Canada”)
  • No One tonight. And I’m totally okay with that. You got your way, Larry! That was a gift to you from your brothers.
  • Mentions of Larry Mullen Sr. and love to Larry for starting the band. Warm fuzzies!
  • “You, our audience, are the strength of this band.” Sobs!
  • Shout out to Guy Oseary, and “Paul McGuiness will never leave us.” Love!
  • Thanks to Willie “turn the lights off” Williams (Yes, I added the middle name.)
  • Paul Simon Mother and Child Reunion into Streets

What else? If you don’t feel like logging in here, leave your comments on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s keep this fun train rolling!

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