Know Your Bonoisms, Part 22: Bono’s Gratitude


One of my favorite Bono speeches is the monologue during the bridge of “Out of Control” at Slane Castle. You know it – the one that starts with, “Father…I need a lend of 500 pounds. Because we’re going to go over to London, and we’re going to score ourselves a record deal.” Heck, let’s not stop there. Here’s the rest of it:

“…But when we get our record deal, we’re not going to stay in London. We’re not going to go to New York City. We’re going to stay and base our crew in Dublin. ‘Cause these people…this is our tribe!” (Cue crowd cheers) “But I still need a lend of 500 pounds. What do you say?”

Bono then went on to thank his “old man” for that 500 pounds in the sexiest Irish dialect he could muster, followed by, “I want to thank Larry Mullen’s father for 500 pounds, The Edge’s mother and father for 500 pounds, Adam Clayton’s family for 500 pounds…and by now, you’ve probably all given us about 500 pounds each too, so thank you.”

I just typed that whole thing without listening to it or looking it up. I’m out of control!

Here’s the point: Bono is nothing if not grateful. He knows he and his bandmates would not be filthy rich without us fans, and that makes it all the more satisfying to fork over a new sum of your paycheck every time U2 announces they another added date in your city (but please, stop adding dates to the cities you’re already playing! There are plenty of cities you haven’t booked yet; show them some love. We’re good with five nights, really!).

Bono haters love to justify their disdain for him by saying that he’s arrogant. He admits it: He’s got way too much confidence, baby. But at least he’s grateful to the people who helped him get to where he is. And Bono, you’re welcome!


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