All is Quiet on Thanksgiving Day

Another week, and there’s not much to report in terms of how our favorite frontman is doing. Mum’s the word when it comes to Bono’s condition, and I completely respect that. Let me repeat, lest anyone be led to believe that my fangirl griping is somehow “rude” to the man we all love and adore: I. Completely. Respect. That.

Here’s what makes this waiting period so disconcerting, aside from the fact that we all want Bono to feel better and fully recover. For the past three months, Bono was everywhere: on your radio, on your TV, on your preferred Internet home page, and on the minds of your ungrateful friends who don’t like getting awesome things for free. He talked about everything we fans could hope to hear about: his childhood, his mother, his marriage, his children, his eyesight and his bond with Edge, Adam and Larry. He was in California, New York, Ireland, Germany, London and New York again – and we heard about all of it.

Quite frankly, we U2 fans were pretty spoiled for awhile (and we deserved it, after five long years). But now, all we can do is pre-order Films of Innocence, renew our subscriptions, buy record players so we can hear the vinyl release that comes with that – and wait. This accident was a major thorn twist in Bono’s side, but we’ll wait for him – and hopefully, it won’t be too much longer.

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