UPDATED: New U2 album ‘Sirens’ will be finished in September according to Universal Colombia

Universal Music Colombia tweets a few hours ago the title of the new U2 album name.

According to the @UMusicColombia‘s tweet the name of the new U2 album is Sirens, and the album will be finished in September.

new U2 album
The above translates: #noticias to @U2 fans. The album is titled #Sirens and will be ready in September.

There is the possibility that U2 could headline at the iTunes Festival in Roundhouse, north of London in September. So we may very well have ourselves a new single from the new U2 album in our hands in September.

Some have questioned whether the UMG Colombia’s tweet has miss reported the name of the new U2 album. Some over at U2Valencia.com and other places speculate that the title Sirens is really the name of the first single and not the album name. We are left to wonder because the original @UMusicColombia tweet is now deleted, and gone.

This all points to U2 coming out of hiding soon, and that the wait will finally be over.

UPDATE: Interscope spokesperson has spoken to our friends at ATU2.com and stated that the earlier tweet “is not true and has been taken down”

UPDATE 2: A fake Facebook page and video has made the rounds today proposing to be official teaser material for the upcoming U2 new album. It has been confirmed as a hoax, and isn’t official at all. This sort of “Punking” will probably continue until the band announces actual info and do it thru official channels.

Stay close to U2Radio.com for the latest REAL info on the next U2 release.

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