No U2 album/tour until 2015, U2 fans react on twitter

Billboard has a story today that implies that U2 is nowhere close to a new release and tour plans have been pushed back to 2015. According to Andrew Hampp and Shirley Halperin of Billboard U2’s upcoming release and tour “has been virtually unrivaled”.  Multiple sources now say that the band has rescheduled studio time to continue work on the 13th album, which was originally rumored to be released last fall. Apparently U2 have summoned the help of Ryan Tedder and Paul Epworth to help get them over the finish line.

New Details: A U2 spokesperson has stated that the new U2 album is still on schedule for a 2014 release and the tour details haven’t yet been confirmed. This is in response to earlier reports that the album & tour had been pushed back to 2015.

It’s been over 5 years since the last U2 release, which is the longest time span between any U2 release. When news hit twitter fans where understandable upset, bewildered. Here are some of the tweets posted earlier today:







So where does this lead us? Who knows, U2 fans have been dealing with rumors, and small details from the band and others around the process about the upcoming album. To be fair no one in the U2 camp have specified a date, other than general “later this year” or something similar. We can just hope that the wait will be worth it.

Click the link below for the full Billboard article.

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