U2’s Bono to Meet Pope

(WALL OF SOUND) U2 frontman Bono, as part of a delegation from Jubilee 2000, met the Pope on Thursday (Sept. 23).

The group asked the pontiff to give his blessing and support to the Jubilee 2000 project, which hopes to convince developed nations to forgive all third-world debt.

“The delegation will call upon world leaders, like Bill Clinton, to remember the poorest indebted countries at the millennium moment by canceling the crippling debts which currently deprive millions of their children basic healthcare, education and, even, their lives,” Ann Pettifor of the delegation said in a statement.

Along with Bono, the delegation will consist of Quincy Jones, Bob Geldof, and various academics and Jubilee 2000 supporters. According to press materials provided by Jubilee 2000 organizers, more than 20 million people worldwide have signed Jubilee 2000 petitions.

Some key facts on world debt (provided by Jubilee 2000)

“We Are the World” and “Live Aid” raised $200 million for Africa. This is how much Africa sends the rich western countries each week.
According to United Nations research, if the debts were canceled and the money spent on healthcare and education, the lives of seven million children could be saved each year.
For every dollar developing countries are sent in grants, they send the rich west back nine dollars in debt repayments.
According to figures provided by Harvard, and analyzed by Jubilee 2000, canceling the debts would cost each U.S. citizen — and the citizens of all rich countries — a maximum of one cent per day.

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