U2’s Album Delayed Until March

U2’s long-awaited new album, which was due out in November, has been delayed until March. The reason? Well, it’s certainly not for lack of material. U2 has recorded thirty-eight tracks for the album, tentatively titled Expect Nothing but the Best; the first single, “Discotheque,” is scheduled to be released to radio stations on January 8. So what’s the problem? Well, apparently the band is experimenting with a new trip-hop sound (basically, slowed-down hip-hop), which they are still unsure of. Fans who have been pining for a follow-up to 1993’s Achtung Baby can take comfort in the fact that the band will begin an eighteen-month tour in April. They have already contacted promoter Michael Cohl, who put together the very successful Steel Wheels tour for the Rolling Stones in 1994. One more thing: U2 may finally break their long-standing rule against accepting corporate sponsorships for their tours. The sell-out Zooropa tour barely broke even because of the massive production costs, and U2’s manager, Paul McGuiness, has confirmed that the band has spoken with AT&T; and Apple Computer.

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