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    I wonder sometimes how fans of other bands rationalize in their own heads supporting someone who behaves like they belong behind bars. How do people c
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    It’s not ok to separate an artist from his work, but it is accepted. Is Michael Jackson not the king of pop? Or Whitney Houston, “The Voice.” Both flawed in their own ways, like we all are, but they are still the mega stars of our generation.
    U2 didn’t fall into the trappings of the rock & roll style. That in itself is a miracle.

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    They do swear quite a bit. 😉

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    Like every human being, U2 also have their flaws, but their constant willingness to lead good lives and bring joy is admirable. I think their longtime connections to friends they have known since their days at school is one reason why they are so decent and down-to-earth. Surrounded by lovely families they can rely on, they have the strength to resist the temptations a rock´n´roll lifestyle might offer.

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    i had written a lot, but naturally with my phone, the web page changed….simply put, i echo pam’s words

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    Joe, U2 didnt fall into the trappings of Rock n’ Roll? “Dont believe in riches but you should see where I live”…
    Their own aeroplane.
    Fabulous properties around the globe
    Rubbing shoulders with presidents, kings and queens, Hollywood elite.
    They have the lifestyle alright, they just hide it well 😉

    Also, not getting pissed sleeping with hookers and shovelling millions of euro /dollars up their collective nose, I think, has added to the long list of reasons why people dont like u2.
    “they want you to be Jesus……………But want their money back if you’re alive at 33”

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      Davcal, by trappings, I meant drugs, hookers, etc…That sort of thing. We’re all aware of U2’s worth, thanks for a great life indeed.

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    Joe, Yeah I know. But you know how I like to wind you up 😉

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