whyu2I love guitar music. From power chords to wailing solos, the instrument upon which rock ‘n’ roll is based has never lost the hold over me that started when I was a teenager, just discovering girls and my own musical interests, and i do worship at the altar of guitar heroes like Slash and Jimi Hendrix. More than any other rock god, though, I love The Edge. Don’t be fooled, when the song calls for it, our Mr. Evans can churn out a bombastic guitar solo with the best of them (see “The Fly” or “Love and Peace, or Else” if you need proof) but he never tries to insert one when it’s not in service to the song in question. Edge is equally content to lay back in the groove, providing a back-drop for Adam’s serpentine bass riffs or Bono’s own dramatic flourishes, without having to always be in the traditional “gun-slinger” model. More than “just a guitarist”, Edge is a musician, an truly visionary artist, who always puts the integrity of the musical idea ahead of his own ego, and from whom we could all learn a little something about team-work.