Edge Daughter Wedding

Congratulations to The Edge on His Daughter’s Wedding!

By now, most of us know that U2 attended the wedding of The Edge’s daughter, Hollie Evans, on Sunday. This isn’t about me saying, “You would have known that already if you followed me on Twitter” (although you would have!). Instead, this is about sharing in the joy of being in the U2 family. Hollie was the first U2 kid, and now she’s married – and that makes most of us pretty old, but it also makes us pretty blessed to be fans of the most family-oriented band in the world. Bono loves to thank us on behalf of the […]


U2101 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

I have a very distinct memory of the first time I ever heard “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”. I was a child, I’d guess probably nine years old. It was late at night and I was out somewhere with my mom. We were waiting in the car – I think we were waiting for my sister, although I wouldn’t swear to that – and I was lying down in the back seat of my mom’s Oldsmobile, ostensibly for the purpose of sleeping. My mom had the radio tuned to WRRM FM, a local station that played light […]

Alisa from DC

In Defense of Alisa

Just to clarify, it’s Alisa with an “isa,” not a “yssa.” A Washington Times story recently cleared that up. But we’re not done clarifying here; to clarify further, she’s from D.C., not Denver. Wait a minute – when did our nation’s capital move to Virginia? Wow, I’m really behind on the times. Yes, I’m being snarky like Alisa (AKA She Who is Forever Reviled by the U2 Fan Community) on purpose. But I’m also going to take a stab at defending her here. Because, U2 family, I AM Alisa. Not literally, of course. If I had come to Bono’s rescue […]

U2 Bono Meerkat

Why Would U2’s Bono Promote Meerkat? What’s In It For Him?

U2 just wrapped up their iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour in North America with final shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City. In their first show in Silicon Valley, before Bono began singing “Desire,” he asked an audience member to come up on stage and share the event all over the world via Meerkat, the hot new startup with a live video streaming app. The audience embraced this seemingly spontaneous moment. But I think that U2’s lead singer Bono had put a lot of strategic planning into orchestrating the whole thing. The Irish singer has long been a fan […]


U2101 – Party Girl

I debated with myself when titling this article as to whether or not I should use the song’s full name – “Trash,  Trampoline and the Party Girl”, as it was labeled when it first appeared thirty-three years ago as a B-side on the single for “A Celebration” – but I chose to go with the shorter form of the song’s title as it seems that that’s the name by which it is more popularly known these days.

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