May 22, 2015 – Phoenix, Arizona, USA – US Airways Center

When we saw the photos and videos today – from Bono meeting fans on the lineup to Larry’s fun soundcheck video in the early evening – we knew U2’s first night in Phoenix would be something special, and it definitely was. Unlike the first night in San Jose (yikes), there was some high energy and heart in this one. Highlights: There was a boy on stage again tonight, this time much earlier in the show than in San Jose, and rather than pulling a single female fan up, it was three sisters who danced and by all accounts it was adorable. But the […]

Hey, Guy Oseary!

So I invited my boy, Guy Oseary to Boston in July for a little sit down, a pow wow, a meeting of the two biggest super powers in U2’s camp, alright…one super power & the other, a pathetic, little unknown blogger, to straighten all this nonsense out. Incredibly, I have yet to hear back from Guy. To bring you up to speed, my own little private brew ha ha began last week with Guy. The biggest band in the world goes on their 1st world tour in five years, quite possibly their most important tour and Guy’s Twitter account develops […]


May 19, 2015 – San Jose, California, USA – SAP Center at San Jose

I’m saying it here and now, I believe night two in San Jose was better than night one – do we see a trend happening here? It almost makes me wish I was going to night two in LA instead of night one…okay, let’s not get carried away here. Phoenix is Friday and Saturday; in the meantime, here’s my quick recap of U2’s second and final night in San Jose. Highlights included Electric Co (last played in 2006!), Bono wishing Joey Ramone happy birthday twice, saying that he was writing Song for Someone “for a girl named Allison Stewart” at age 18, and bringing […]


May 18, 2015 – San Jose, California, USA – SAP Center at San Jose

Night one in San Jose did not disappoint! Highlights included Bono joking about Edge’s fall again, and asking Adam how he feels about being a married man now. Adam’s response: “I feel like a natural woman.” The Periscope app helped fans all over the world tune in to watch the live stream again, but it seems the feeds are getting shorter now. We’ll see if this trend continues in night two. Setlist: The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) Out Of Control Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio? (snippet) / Vertigo / God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols) (snippet) I Will Follow Mofo […]


U2101 – Bullet the Blue Sky

So, two shows into the new tour, what changes are we looking at? One missed a show – the first since that song’s debut. Of course, several new songs made their debuts at full U2 concerts, and a couple of golden oldies also found their way back into the set-list. Most notable of those, in my humble opinion, is “Bullet the Blue Sky”, which was, from its debut in 1987 until the end of the Vertigo tour in 2006, played at almost every single U2 concert that took place. “Bullet” missed the entire 360 tour, but now is back in […]