Last Minute U2 Christmas Gifts


Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara Barbara, Santa Barbara I thought it was Santa Clause?  Apparently tomorrow is Christmas & if you’re like me, you haven’t done one ounce of shopping. Do not fret my fellow U2 procrastinators, here are some easy last minute Christmas gifts for the U2 fan in your life. Some assembly may be acquired. The 360 tour stage-How cool would this be!  You know this thing is just rotting away in some Belgian warehouse.  Sure,...


NME: Bono creates signature guitar with Gretsch for his Red charity

Bono.Gretsch.RED Elctromatic_EoinMc_alt2

Bono has created a signature guitar with guitar makers Gretsch for his Red charity. Five per cent of the wholesale price of each of the double-cutaway Electromatic® Center-Block Bono ‘Signature’ Model guitars sold will go to Red, the charity set up by the U2 frontman in 2006, which raises money for the Global Fund to Aids, tuberculosis and malaria. Speaking about the guitar, Bono says: “The (GRETSCH)RED guitar is a guitarist’s dream, and the reality is that every time someone buys one, it’s raising money to fight Aids. That money can buy life-saving medicine for pregnant mothers living with HIV,...


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Why U2? #43 – Beating the Odds


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about all the things that have happened over the years, all the reasons for there to never have been a U2, or for the band to no longer continue. To start with, when the band initially formed none of the guys really knew how to play their instruments.


U2 SetList Turned Upside Down


So what if I like to sometimes stir the U2 pot?  Spice things up by turning up the heat,  and watch things boil, spilling over the brim.  I did such a thing this past week on Twitter and F.B.  What I am about to tell you is nothing new or something that hasn’t been discussed amongst U2 fans, however we are now deep enough into U2’s career, that what I am about to propose has merit and could actually occur. Can you envision a U2 setlist with no Streets, With or Without You, One, S.B.S or Pride?   Here, have a seat.  Take a sip of...


Another Time, Another U2 Request


I’m late to the party on the #U2Request hashtag, but for good reason. When it first started showing up on Twitter, the tour hadn’t even been announced yet and we had more pressing things to worry about (like Bono’s broken bones) – so I thought, why bother? But now that he’s walking around Dublin like the superman he is and we all have our tickets in hand, there’s no reason to hold back – we’re all requesting, and we’re looking good doing it. As you may have noticed, there’s a movement among users of the #U2Request hashtag to get the...

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