Thank You, Ryan Tedder! Love, U2 Fans

Thanks to Ryan Tedder’s hearty endorsement of the progress happening on Songs of Experience, U2 fans are talking about ATYCLB again. That’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind, the 2000 release that – as I say often – was the album that helped the world fall back in love with U2. Do you agree with that characterization? Here’s why I use it. No matter what you want to call it now that you have the perspective that only the passage of time can provide, Pop was regarded as a big, hot mess in 1997. When it comes to saying how […]


U2101 – All Because of You

Today’s topic is a song that I don’t hear fans talking about very often, but one that U2 thought highly enough of to release as a single. I’m talking about “All Because of You”, from U2’s 2004 album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. “All Because of You” was released as a single in Canada in February of 2005, and in the rest of the world starting in October of that same year. The song performed reasonably well in the charts, peaking in the top ten in several countries, including reaching number one in Canada.   Musically, “All Because of […]

Bono 56

Happy Bono’s Birthday!

If you’re in Europe, Bono’s birthday was yesterday. If you’re in the U.S., Bono’s birthday was today. So here’s a brain teaser: If Bono, who lives in Europe, was in the U.S. today (and we believe he was)…then did he celebrate his birthday yesterday or today? Hmmmm… Every year, Bono’s birthday is marked by a variety of initiatives – most of which involve fans like us creating memes for one another to enjoy (here’s mine.) One initiative that has worldwide acclaim, though, is Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday. I wrote about it two years ago here, for those who […]


U2101 – Beat On the Brat

A lot has been said and written over the years about the legitimacy of Bono’s claims that U2 is a punk band. I personally believe that although their do-it-yourself origins qualify as extremely punk-ish, most of their music doesn’t meet the hard and fast qualifications of punk rock. I say “most of their music” because in 2002, U2 recorded an extremely faithful cover of “Beat On the Brat”, the original of which was recorded and written by American punk icons The Ramones. If this track doesn’t qualify as punk rock, then neither does anything in the Ramones’ whole catalog.


U2101 – Tomorrow

I’ve written in the past about Bono’s ability to write lyrics that seem to be about more than one thing. I feel that it’s probably his greatest gift as a songwriter, and today’s song is one of the earliest examples of this talent in action. From 1981’s October “Tomorrow” is one of the most overtly obvious songs about Bono’s mother, but it’s also one of U2’s most conspicuously Christian songs.


U2101 – Lemon

Like millions of people across the globe, I was shocked and dismayed this past week to learn of the passing of Prince. I wanted to write something this weekend about the few times that U2’s and Prince’s lives intersected, but I was conflicted as to what precisely my topic should be. At first, I was leaning toward this performance from 1995, when Bono joined Prince on stage in Dublin for a performance of the latter’s song “The Cross”. To be honest, though, I didn’t think I could get five hundred words out of that topic, so I decided on the […]


U2 and Prince – Their Crossover Connections

Which U2 song sounds the most like Prince? That’s hard to say, because Prince had so many “sounds” that it would be almost impossible to pin him down to a single musical style. Who else does that remind you of? Yep! That’s just one of the many crossovers we can find when comparing U2 with Prince. Think about these other similarities: God is in their lyrics in the most beautiful, unexpected ways – and their lives have been marked by spiritual evolutions that were parallel to the evolutions of their careers. Sexual metaphors are abundant in their songs – although  […]

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