Par for the Course!


FORE! By now, you’ve heard about the Irish nut job with the golf club that was arrested on Larry Mullen Jr’s property a few months back and now found guilty.  Anyone know where Rory Mcilroy, the World’s number one golfer was when all this went down?  Anyhow, golf is a great game and U2 has referenced many golf terms numerous times, sometimes subtly, over the last three decades and nobody even noticed….until now.  Here are a list of golf terms used by U2 and where you could find them. Birdie- See the bird with the leaf in her mouth. (Beautiful Day) Hole- God shaped hole....


Know Your Bonoisms, Part 21: Would Bono Do a Reality Show?


That’s a big NO. I read that he was asked that once and answered in the negative, but if you Google “Bono reality show” now, you’ll find nothing but a full page of Chaz Bono reality show stories. But trust me on this: He won’t do it. Regardless, it’s fun to imagine the potential titles and possible show premises: “Being Bono” – In this groundbreaking season of unscripted television, we would watch our guy maintain the delicate balance between Bono the Lead Singer of U2 and Bono the Global Diplomat. In those moments when the band can’t avoid the cameras, Edge would be...


U2 Is Trash!


Love, religion, sex, drug use, betrayal, church, politics….name me a theme that U2 fans haven’t discussed at length….I’ll give you one….Trash!  That’s right, Trash.  Now, I know most of you think that most of my blog posts are trash and usually you’re not too far off, but today I want to discuss the theme of trash, intelligently.  I’m not talking about how the “Haters” like to trash U2, either.  Have you even noticed how many times the word trash is sung or implied in U2 songs….me neither, until now.  Here are the references that I came up with so far: “Polyester white trash made...


The Edge will be on Feedback Kitchen with Mario Batali January 26th

Coming January 26th EXCLUSIVELY to Dailymotion. The Edge, Flea, Josh Groban, Patti Smith, and Perry and Etty Farrell sit down with Mario Batali in the Feedback Kitchen to discuss creativity, creation and the similarities between food and music. I’m assuming this was filmed last year and is just now being made public exclusively via DailyMotion


Why U2? #47 – Their Gratitude

I’ve heard and read a lot of reasons over the years that people have for hating U2, especially Bono, but none of them have ever been that the band were rude or anything less than gracious in person. It must get old to not be able to leave the house without being pestered for autographs and pictures, and any one of the four members of U2 would be well within their rights to tell the occasional fan to go away, but I’ve never heard of such a thing happening.


Where does U2 Rank In Your Life?

U2 coffee

So my 7 year old son asked me the other day, “Do you love me?”  He loves to get me going with these ridiculous questions that he knows the answers to, but the other day he followed it up with another question that took me quite by surprise…”Do you love me more than U2?”  After pondering my answer for a few minutes, I said….”No”…. but it got me thinking, “What do I love more than U2″?  I mean, a lot of fans say that U2 is the soundtrack of their lives, but where does U2 stack in the scheme of...