What’s U2 Up to Right Now?

What’s U2 up to right now?

Edge was in Sacramento on September 3, which must mean he plans to disrupt the California Senate race by announcing his last-minute candidacy (move over, Kamala Harris). No seriously, if you know of any other reason why Edge would be in my state capital, speak up! He never ceases to surprise us.

As for everyone else: Adam was at the GQ Man of the Year Awards on September 5, which is basically the most Adam thing he could possibly be doing. Meanwhile, Bono was taking in Julian Lennon’s art show in LA…so once again, Larry Mullen Jr. is the hardest-working member of the world’s biggest band, placing the final touches on a long-anticipated album while the rest of his mates fly around living the fabulous life of U2. 40 years later, Larry is now saying, “Drummer seeks musicians to actually play in a band they joined in 1976.”

I feel like I’m doing U2 standup comedy right now (no, not the song).

*Looks around nervously* “What else is going on?”… (Picture me with a mic in hand and a brick wall behind me.)

So, what do you guys want to talk about? Until this album drops, I’m just winging it.

I’ll close on a more somber note: Did you read my piece on U2 9/11 tributes last year? If not, here it is. Thanks for reading!

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