London… Not Calling!

Can the UK still hold a grudge or what? By most accounts that I read, as well as, a good friend who was in attendance for Monday night’s show, London’s crowd in the O2 were not calling out for the greatest band in the world, in typical U2 fandom style, which begs the question, “Does the UK still hate Ireland?” It’s usually at this point, my 2.3 readers from the UK will be looking to hang me from London Bridge….so be it. Say it ain’t so, Joe, you weren’t there. (True) Maybe, your friend is a deaf idiot? (True) UK crowds only scream for Wham! (True)

UK and Ireland have been less than best spuds (see what I did there) since England left Ireland starving over 180 years ago, but still no love for Ireland’s favorite sons in 2015? My go to friend for all things Ireland, says he would not be shocked if U2 receives a similar, luke warm reception in Glasgow. Really? I know the weather in the UK sucks, but is hatred the only thing that keeps you Bravehearts warm?

Regardless, U2 keeps going back to the Uk and has been for over 35 years, including playing in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where hatred for U2 and their message of faith, hope and love will be met with some disgust and hated from the sectarians, to full blown editorials of hatred in the rags, passed off as “newspapers”.

UK crowds…step it up. U2 has rocked your “kingdom” for over 3 decades and deserve your best and loudest effort. Pretend it’s one of your Parliament sessions. I’ve watched those on TV and feared for everyone’s life. That’s how a U2 show needs to be, you just don’t know if you’re going to walk out of there or leave in a body bag.

Stay classy UK!

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