A New Irish Hospice Foundation book will feature the members of U2

On February 2nd, the Irish Hospice Foundation announced that all four members of U2, along with Paul McGuinness, McGuinness’ son Max, and Gavin Friday, will be contributing to a special book called Sons + Fathers.

The book, which will celebrate the relationships between sons and fathers, will be published by Penguin Random House and Hospice Press later this year to coincide with Father’s Day.

Since Bono has often spoken of his father onstage, it may come as no surprise that this book was inspired by him.

The CEO of the Irish Hospice Foundation, Sharon Foley, said, “Bono planted the seed for this book with his generous gift of the drawing he made of his father when he was dying. He asked if they could be used to raise money for The Irish Hospice Foundation, so we decided on a book, and the net was cast wide and far. We were blown away by the response and generosity of the participants, all who are very busy, well-known people.”

Proceeds from the book sales will go to The Irish Hospice Foundation’s Nurses for Night Care Programme and Hospice Africa Uganda.

For more information, go to hospicefoundation.ie.


– Rachel Witten, U2 Radio

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