U2 “Blue” It!

cupofjoeU2 fans, is your orange the new black?  Are you green with envy that most other bands have created 4 CD’s in the time it takes U2 to make one?  Do you feel this purple haze won’t lift and you cannot kiss the sky?  Social media is abuzz right now with some of the most colorful language, none of which can be printed here, describing in morbid detail what fans plan on doing to anybody or anything if a U2 release does not happen & happen quickly.  George Carlin and his 7 words you can’t say on TV are rolling in his *%#^%*# grave right now.  Well, my colorful friends, I have the answer to your blues.  U2 needs to go Back In Black.  That’s right, sink the pink, Back in Black.  Think about it, some of the most influential CD’s in music history has had an association with color.  AC/DC’s: Back in Black, Prince’s: Purple Rain, the Beatles: White Album are all examples of definitive CD’s in a group’s catalogue that either defined or redefined their presence & or dominance in the music biz.  U2 should take note.

The concept of color is nothing new to U2, they’ve been using it literally & figuratively for decades.  From singing the blues,  playing Red Rocks to starting up (Red) name the color, U2 has probably had a connection to it. The Black Eyed Peas opened up for U2 last go around, can Pink, Jack White or the Red Hot Chili Peppers be that far behind?  How many color references in U2 music can you think of?  Uno? Dos? Tres? Catorce? 40?  See how many of these you recognize.

Black & Blue & blue silken sky
Green & Blue
A Different Kind of Blue
White as Snow
White flag
Purple Irises
Velvet Dress
Red, Orange Glow
Green light
red light
Gray morning
An Cat Dubh (black cat)
Red Hill Mining Town
Silver & Gold
Crimson sky & crimson nails
Your Blue Room

I’m sure there are more and U2’s coffee is cold and it’ll get them through, but it’s green tea time for this cup of Joe blogger.   U2 should consider inserting a little color into their CD title selection. U2’s music has the power to make the colors crash & collide like an unsupervised toddler all hopped up on sugar with a box of Crayola Crayons.  Why not a CD color  title?  Which colors will U2 make us see with their new CD?  I’m not sure, but the colors better be vibrant.  If not, U2 “Blue” it.  😉

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