Bono is Speechless…Good!

cupofjoeIs there a time for keeping your distance?
For getting on with your day
A time for not waiting for Bono to speak
And hear what he has to say?

Just last week, a friend of mine asked me why Bono hasn’t spoken up about the Russian/Ukraine border dispute, the Israel/Palestine daily bombings or the Malaysian plane that was shot down or the one that disappeared somewhere west of Van Diemen’s Land? Which travesty or natural disaster warrants attention from the mouthpiece that hasn’t met a microphone or an epidemic he didn’t like? Sure, (RED) and The One Foundation may be doing work behind the scenes on all of these issues, but where is Bono? I mean, I know he’s hanging out with DiCaprio & Julian Lennon in Southern France, breaking the bread and drinking the wine, but where is he regarding these issues? I’ll tell you where he is…he’s standing at the intersection of I DON’T CARE  & NOR SHOULD YOU!

Are we that fragile, individually or as a community, that in order to feel better or to try to make sense of a horrific situation, we need to hear inspiring words from Bono? Do we need to see his thoughts take shape and walk right out on every travesty that strikes? Bono is already hated by half the world for his sticking his head over the parapet on a myriad of issues, do we want the other two thirds of the world hating him now too? ;). It just doesn’t add up.

The fact of the matter is, Bono is a man, not God. Yes, he may be able to articulate his thoughts better than 99% of us, but evil continues to live on, regardless of Bono speaking up or ceasing to speak. We need to stop looking to hear from Bono every time a war breaks out or another epidemic occurs. We need to start listening to something more important than Bono and that’s our own common sense. I, for one, don’t need to hear Bono speak about any of the tragedies listed above to know that ultra-violent evil still lurks in our world and it won’t be lighting our way.

Beneath the noise and below the din, that little voice you hear is your own common sense calling, a calling many of us push aside because of fear, but mostly because of apathy. The roar that lies on the other side of silence is filled with rage and anger. Imagine the world we lived in if the roar came before those who sought to dislocate, separate, isolate or desolate! Only then will we truly know silence and peace. If silence speaks louder than words, Bono’s silence should be heard worldwide by his fan base, meaning we should start speaking up for ourselves.

"Bono is Speechless...Good!", 5 out of 5 based on 5 ratings.

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