U2 & Hump Day!


HUMMMMMMMMMMMP DAY!!!  If you don’t like the hump day/camel commercials, you’re failing life…FACT. The word “Hump” is one of the most versatile words ever invented and leaves much to the imagination, like many U2 lyrics.  More often than not, we don’t know if Bono is singing about God, his mother, father, victim, vampire or some guy named Johnny who took a walk and saw his sister’s moon. The same can be said for “Hump” day. I think we’re all in agreement that some days are better than others, but Wednesday is like the middle child, often overlooked then left in the parking lot, forgotten. Mondays & Tuesdays are Bad & Thursday through Sunday are Magnificent but where’s the love for Wednesday? Saturday Night, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Friday night running to Sunday on my knees, Gavin Friday… no Wednesday love? Hump day needs more recognition in U2’s catalogue, so today in honor of hump day, I inserted the word “hump” or replaced a word with the word “hump” into various U2 song titles for your viewing pleasure. Let your imagination run like a river to the sea and if you don’t find these extremely entertaining, then consider yourself a hump. Commenters, can you think of some lyrics where the word “HUMP” could be inserted?  I know you can.


Two Humps Beat as One

One Hump

Dirty Day Hump

Bad Hump

Hump Until the End of the World

A Man and a Woman Hump

Beautiful Hump Day

Get on Your Boots and Hump

Hump You Like Mad

Trash, Trampoline & Hump the Party Girl

The Playboy Mansion Hump

Wake Up and Hump, Dead Man

Hump the Fly

Walk On, Hump

Magnificent Hump

Lady With the Spinning Hump

All Because of You, Hump

Saturday Night Hump

Throw Your Hump Around the World

I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Hump Tonight

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Hump Me

I Will Hump

Hump, In a Little While?

Hump Miss Sarajevo

Please Hump

Deep in the hump

Even better than the real hump

Happiness is a warm hump

I threw a hump through a window

Last hump on Earth


Have a great HUMP day and let’s hope U2 gets over there HUMP!



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