Love, Peace or Else: Who Ya Got?

cup-of-joeI don’t have the patience for Instant Karma, so Love can rescue me anytime Love wants to! You grab the margaritas, I’ll start up the
Jacuzzi, and we’ll get this rescue party started right. But can Love rescue the world? Throw a rock in the air and it’ll hit someone
or some country trying to curb-stomp Love into oblivion. Love has had its back up, its back up against the wall so many times that
it has sheet rock permanently embedded between its shoulder blades, yet it always heeds the battle call. Some have a love/hate relationship with Love. Love loves hate and hate hates Love. I just blew your mind, I know, but try to keep up. Can we truly be ONE tonight if the troops of hatred are on the ground beneath her feet and about to dig into your soul, not to mention launching a grenade up your Vorsprung durch Technik?  Whether it be Putin on the hits in the Ukraine, North Korea’s famine fetish, the entire continent of Africa or your little cubicle of a black jaded heart, LOVE has the power to break the monster’s back. Sometimes we all want to check out and get it wrong, especially Friday nights after 3 or 4 Scorpion Bowls. When your rocket is at the fun fair and he’s standing at full attention, looking around the bar like he just doesn’t care…it’s time to go home for some peace…OR ELSE. Take a page out of my book, put LOVE on speed dial and give him a call. It’s toll free, and if you call within the next ten minutes, he’ll even throw in an extra bottle of forgiveness at no extra charge. So, what do you say, daughters of Zion and sons of Abraham? Can we give LOVE a try? No? Then, screw!  😉

"Love, Peace or Else: Who Ya Got?", 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.
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