Grace VS Instant Karma: The Main Event!

cup-of-joeGrace VS Instant Karma: The Main Event! In this corner, wearing a world of envy-green coincidences and the patience of a gnat, Instant Karma. In this corner, wearing a world of green & blue and a halo of forgiveness, Grace! For most, Grace or Instant Karma are usually an afterthought until conflict shows up like Judas with a pocket full of waves of regret and joy, while puckering his lips of betrayal. When asking, “Where did it all go wrong,” what’s your first instinct, to blame your lot in life on ONE BAD MOFO of a decision, or to accept the pathway that you’re on has already been predetermined, that you really have no say, and move forward? For me, Grace is more than a name that takes the blame and covers the shame. She has ears that can handle my screams of disgust about my trivial complaints, like “WTF is U2 doing?” Eyes that are willing to look past all my imperfections. A nose that can withstand the stench of all my horrific decisions. A heart that forgives and a mind that forgets. Grace is available 24/7 for both known and unknown callers. The problem is that sometimes we lose her number and are too stupid or stubborn to call for operator assistance. While I’ve been looking for face I had before the world was made, Grace already had my portrait sketched out with colors that all bled into one ruggedly handsome Mofo. It’s amazing. Grace finds beauty in everything. Then comes along Instant Karma.

Instant Karma’s gonna get you, unless of course it’s stuck in traffic & then you’ll have to wait. What gets Instant Karma when Instant Karma wrongs somebody? Can it get itself? Instant Karma loves to spit in Grace’s eye every chance it gets. Who hasn’t reveled in the misery of someone that has wronged you? It’s human nature, right? This fact shows the extreme limitation of Instant Karma, it’s “Human nature.” No loss or hurt is too small to the Instant Karma lovers. A paper cut is worthy of A Celebration, popping a bottle of Cristal and Rejoicing over the ones running scared in the valley below Grace. A moment of surrender is a lifetime to an Instant Karma lover, they need their fix now. Instant Karma believers are always hatching some plot & scheming some scheme, hoping you will live the rest of your Bad life in dislocation, isolation & separation. The problem is that the joy Instant Karma believers feel is as short lived as it takes The Edge to comb his hair. Once the initial joy of an Instant Karma lover subsides, then what? Emptiness, that’s what! They feel like Paul McGuiness 5 minutes after finishing a 10 course meal, unfulfilled and faint. So, Instant Karma lovers, stop wasting your time hoping for the worse and start looking towards Grace. I will say a prayer for the Instant Karma lovers & hope Grace answers it. If not, I hope Instant Karma rears its ugly head and they get squashed crossing the tracks. 😉


"Grace VS Instant Karma: The Main Event!", 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.
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