All Because of Ukraine!

cup-of-joeName me a hotter spot on Earth right now than the Ukraine. You can’t! Well, the Sahara Desert and the chili enchilada at Taco Bell may be hotter, but I’m talking figuratively. There have been some rumblings lately about the possibility of U2 playing the Ukraine in support of the peoples’ push for democracy. The land of names you find so hard to spell hasn’t heard rumblings like this since Stalin crossed the highest Ural Mountains only to be with Ukraine. Ukraine’s President, Viktor Yanukovych is still running to stand; still it may take the Ukrainians years to find what they’re looking for.

Thankfully, present-day Ukraine isn’t facing anything like Stalin’s Collectivization Policies, which caused a major famine and cost millions their lives. The Ukrainians aren’t hungry for another famine, but they are hungry for democracy. Remember the Ukraine’s uprising in 2004? The Orange Revolution had a lot of “appeal” with the citizens, but today’s Ukraine has two hearts that apparently don’t want to beat as one. Eastern Ukraine wants to keep close ties with Russia.

Are you Putin me on? No, apparently the ruble buys more Vodka in Eastern Ukraine, not to mention the trail mix has a little extra gravel. Meanwhile, Western Ukraine wants to be more like Western Europe. Who wouldn’t want to be more like Liechtenstein? All because of Ukraine, I am hoping that democracy prevails, that the Ukraine of terror ends and that U2 plays in that country. I can’t think of a more Chernobyl cause.  ;).


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