November 20, 2004 – New York, New York, USA – NBC Saturday Night Live – NBC Studios

Vertigo, Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own, I Will Follow, All Because Of You, Vertigo.
U2 make their second appearance on the long-running NBC comedy show. Unlike most acts which perform on SNL, U2 are allowed to do three full songs, rather than the usual two and the end credits of the show roll over ‘I Will Follow’. The opening notes of a fourth song were heard as the show finished after Bono had announced they would do ‘One more’ – they continued on to play ‘All Because of You’ and an encore of ‘Vertigo’ after the broadcast had finished. All in all, an unheard of total of 5 songs are performed tonight.

Fan Review:
U2 Does Five Live On Saturday Night
By Catt
I’ve been a crew member on SNL for 20+ years, and i must say, last saturday was probably THE best show musically I’ve ever seen.
U2 performed 5 songs on the set of Saturday Night Live, not 6 as previously reported.
During the commercial break before U2 performed “Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own”, Bono told the crowd that the song was about his father, who passed away a few years ago. That he was a tennor, and used to conduct music in his house (being played on the stereo) with his mothers knitting needles. Also the note he hits in the middle of the song, he got from his father. it was a nice story to reveal to the 300-400 audience members and crew who wittnessed one of the best moments on live tv. The show ended with “I will follow” but U2 wasnt done. They then went into “All because of you”, and when they finished the crowd was screaming for more. So Bono says “One more, One more”…and the place went nuts. He then says “this ones for us”, meaning it was more of a rehearsal, as if they need any. They then did “Vertigo” again, much to the crowds delight. After Vertigo, he was shaking hands, high fiving, and even kissed a few women, why not. The studio was in hysteria. There was no 6th song however, he and the band walked out of the studio, leaving eveyone stunned and extremely pleased! I will never forget that moment, and I am grateful to have been a part of it.

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