April 18, 1985 – Worcester, Massachusetts, USA – The Centrum

Opening Act(s): Lone Justice
Gloria, I Threw A Brick – A Day Without Me, I Fall Down, MLK, The Unforgettable Fire, Two Hearts Beat As One, Seconds, Sunday Bloody Sunday, The Cry, The Electric Co., A Sort Of Homecoming, Bad – Norwegian Wood – Ruby Tuesday – Sympathy for the Devil, October, New Year’s Day, Pride (In The Name Of Love). Encore(s): Party Girl, I Will Follow, 40.
N/At this show, Bono adds a bit of ‘Dear Prudence’ in the transition from I Threw a Brick to A Day Without Me, and throws off the band’s timing as he does it. Bono brings an entire family on stage for Party Girl. The son is having a birthday, and Bono gives him a black hat and a red balloon as gifts. He also brings out a bottle of champage and shares it with the parents. I Fall Down, I Threw A Brick and A Day Without Me are all performed for the final time ever.

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