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    If you listen to a lot of rock music, you start to realize after a while that most bass players don’t have a personality. Maybe I should say instead t
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    Very well said, Broadsword! It´s true that Adam Clayton has a great and special personality. Musically, he has definitely developed his individual style and an ability to create melodic elements that add much vitality to U2´s music. The bass lines we hear in songs like Mysterious Ways are so powerful!



    I never paid attention to any of the band members except Bono until I ended up smack in front of Adam at the Pittsburgh 360 show. On the rail with camera ready, I could not believe how many times Adam would stop and strike a pose for me! He was unbelievably playful! He made the whole show as far as I was concerned. I’ll never again wish to be on Edge’s side of the stage. I was on Edge’s side in the Red zone at Meadowlands and he hardly even looked at the audience! If I can’t be on stage dancing with Bono, I want to be as close to Adam as possible.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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