What Would U2 Do?


Have you seen the TV show “What Would You Do”?  I think it’s buried somewhere between the midnight & the dawning on Friday nights, so it wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t. Anyways, I hate it. The show’s premise is to place actors in precarious situations to see how real people behave and act when they witness someone being wronged. The situations usually center around the worst traits that mankind has to offer: bigotry, prejudice, harassment, waiting 5+ years for a U2 CD, and just general stupidity. Although, at the end of each situation, someone always steps up to do or say the right thing, while we, the viewers, have to sit through twenty Neanderthals turning a blind eye to these injustices, doing nothing, and it pisses me off. My bet is that U2, mainly Bono do not watch this show. Turning a blind eye to an injustice is not one of U2’s strengths. Remember Bono’s month in Ethiopia back in the mid 80’s? Between that and Adam’s work with the Walk in My Shoes Campaign, The Edge’s contributions to the Music Rising Fund and Larry Mullen Jr. giving Gavin Friday a job for the last 30 years, their work with charity knows no limits. Can the same be said for you or I?  It’s time to play “What Would U2 Do?”  How would you react in these U2 related situations? Would you act like a victim or vampire?  Would you get your head out of the mud?  WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

1.     If your spouse was dreaming out loud and it was obvious they were having a sexual dream and they yelled out Bono’s name in ecstasy, would you confront them about it?

2.    If you discovered that Bono was using Auto-Tune all these years?

3.    If you discovered that Bono was an atheist and used a ghost writer for all his lyrics?

4.    If the person you despised the most got their head stuck in the mud & was begging for help?

5.    If your neighbor walked out into the sunny street and sang his/her heart out somewhere between the midnight & the dawning?

6.    If Johnny took a walk and you saw his sister’s moon?

7.    If you couldn’t see the world in green & blue?

8.    If you didn’t go crazy tonight?

9.    If there were only them and no us?

10.  If someone chose “Else” over love & peace?

11.  If beneath the noise & below the din, there was no whispering?

12.  If the passers-by did notice you?

13.  If visibility were over vision?

14.  If there were a line on the horizon?

15.  If another tree grew on One Tree Hill?

16.  If you were in control?

17.  If you were running to stand un-still?

18.  If sometimes you could make it on your own?

19.  If you could get out of the moment you were stuck in?

20.  If you weren’t ready for what came next?

21.  If you did not follow?

22.  If it were not all because of you?

23.  If you could not see China right in front of you?

24.  If you did not look beautiful tonight?

25.  If they did know it’s Christmas time?

26. If he/she or it did not Love you like mad?

27.  If you couldn’t learn how to kneel?

28.  If you didn’t want to get out from under your bed?

29.  If Grace wasn’t amazing?

30.  If a boy fell from the sky and landed right on your head?

If I made you think, my job is done.  If you had trouble thinking of your response, welcome to the human race. The possibilities are endless.  Join in the fun and post more.

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    Have you seen the TV show “What Would You Do”?Β  I think it’s buried somewhere between the midnight & the dawning on Friday nights, so it wouldn’t
    [See the full post at: What Would U2 Do?]

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    A few ones:
    10) I choose “else”, is that a problem?
    15) More shadow for the hot summer days
    24)I look beautiful all the time πŸ˜‰
    29) Joe, Grace is always amazing

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    And some questions:
    31) If daddy didn’t pay for you crashed car?
    32) If the Heartbreak Hotel is no vacancy?
    33) It the streets had name but your GPS Device didn’t work?
    34) If your blue room wasn’t blue at all?
    35) It there wasn’t anything to make and do?

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      Ana, these are great. Having no vacancy at Heartbreak Hotel would be great.

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    Joe, I was thinking about a few answers:

    7) I would paint bright colours on some walls of my house
    16) Maybe life wouldnΒ΄t be so exciting
    17) I would have a sleepless night
    19) I would rejoice, dance and sing
    20) I would miss the release of U2Β΄s next CD πŸ˜‰
    27) I would try to stand up for hope, faith and love

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    And here are more questions:

    If there was a well-known caller?
    If I invited a complete stranger into my home?
    If you did not eat all your friends?
    If you did not throw a brick through a window?
    If you were not a headache in a suitcase?
    If you parked in anyoneΒ΄s space?
    If we were not north and south of the river?
    If you did not give me one last chance?
    If you did not want to be the song you hear in your head?

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    Some more:
    If God didn’t send his angels?
    If the Stingray Guitar never returns?
    If I am your baby?
    If anyone ate the crubms from your table?
    If the sweetest thing became bitter?
    If love didn’t rescue me?

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    Nice additions Ana & Pam! πŸ™‚

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    Thank you, Joe! πŸ™‚

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    This is getting me dizzy…

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    I have one question : If there were no new U2 album ?

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      Then having Invisible as the band’s last release would be the epitome of irony.

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        Leeny, that may be the best thing you’ve ever said.

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        Definitely !!!

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    Hello my long-departed but not forgotten fellow zoobies! (..beloved zoofolk! That too.) I knew there was a reason I wanted to come over here b4 now. Lol. Sorry it took me so long.

    ANA! PAM! JOSEPH! LEENSTER! Chris, I already see u around the old neighborhood, so should I give u an exclamation point, too? Why not: CHRIS!

    Great blog, Joe! And some great answers. I say:

    1. A woman whose husband yelled out Bono’s name? LOL. Time for some marriage re-evaluation no doubt.

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      Hello hello. You’re at a place called Verigo. (Hence that mixed up, dizzy feeling)
      Welcome aboard, Alma!!

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        Thank you, thank you Leeny. Vertigo is fine – I’m happy to be here. πŸ™‚

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    Not sure I posted my post in the right place in this thread. I posted it May 23, but it appears after May 22 but b4 May 21. Hmmm. When I saw where Chris said he was getting dizzy, I laughed. Well, I’m dizzy w/ the dates in a u2radio thread, Lol. No probs, but if anyone wants to enlighten me on it, feel free, too. I know I’m not a hopeless case. πŸ˜€

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    Welcome Alma! Nice to see you here.

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      Thanks, Pam! So nice to see you here, too. The neighborhood has good folks. πŸ™‚

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    Thanks Chris! If I’ve got soul, you’ve got great spirit! πŸ™‚

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    No new ones, but I’ll answer your questions.
    1) More power to him. πŸ˜‰
    2) Not a problem with my hearing. πŸ˜›
    3) Now THAT would be a problem!
    4) Not sure, but they are calling for rain in NYC this weekend….

    Look, I gotta go. Let’s just say there’s a lot of things if I could I’d rearrange.

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    Leeny, I’m more concerned about # 29.

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    Not to worry. I met Grace and she was beyond amazing.

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    Alma brings some soul to the place ! That’s all we’ve been looking for, we don’t want to buy anything like style or something else…We want to meet God !!! Especially Davcal !!!

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