U2’s Ode to the Limerick!


Did you know that tomorrow, May 12th is National Limerick Day? Of course you didn’t – neither did I. In honor of the limerick, a 5 line humorous poem that follows the AABBA rhyming pattern, and all you Mofo’s out there on this Mother’s Day, I present for your reading pleasure, an ode to the U2 limerick. Commenters, add on.

1)  Mofo is what you are and such a deserving name

You should be called it and you should feel shame

You’ve been around the back & been around the front with your pole

looking to stick it in every God shaped hole

If you come down with some new Asian virus Juju man, you’re to blame!

2)  Lemon was the color of her dress

It is not a favorite songs, I must confess

When Bono does his falsetto, I plug my ears with my thumbs

It sounds as if he got kicked in his Irish plumbs

For me, Lemon is one U2 song that’s a sticky mess!

3)  Stuck in a moment is where you are and such

Sitting from 9-5 has made you fat because you eat too much

Sure, you dream of being up with the sun

But you can’t jump because you now weigh a ton

Keep eating INXS and soon you too will Gone like HUTCH!

4)  At this time, it is 11:00 o’clock tick tock

On this Dirty Day, in the air I threw a rock

It fell in mysterious ways on someone’s head

Now I feel Bad because they are dead

“Now only 2 to a bed,” Sister Ann she said!

5)  Being ridiculous is something I hold dear

So One day, at the sun I decided to stare

This won’t hurt, so I thought

Now my retinas & purple irises are shot

Now the blond is leading the blind or so I hear.

6)  Up with the sun is where I wanted to be

Elevation was needed so I climbed a tree

I found a suitable one at one tree hill

As I jumped, I thought what a thrill

Until a branch poked my eyes out & I can no longer see.

7)  The Playboy Mansion is a great & wonderful place

One girl in particular had an incredibly beautiful face

But her body was huge and this is no jest

She told me proudly that big girls are best

Along with shame & sorrow went three cheeseburgers down her gullet without a trace.

8)  Saturday night I spent partying with trash, trampoline & the party girl

The Xanex & Wine made me feel like I was about to hurl

I needed a miracle drug the next morning to make me feel keen

They wanted more than a party, if you know what I mean

My morning breath would make a kite unfurl.

9)  I thought, I’ll go crazy if I don’t go crazy tonight

Boredom was setting in, so I had to put up a fight

It was a hill not a mountain when I got started

Breaking the monotony, I broke wind and farted

Pity the nation, because I squeezed out sparks of light.

10)  I will follow a girl named Grace

Pale as the dirty snow was her face

I stalked the ground beneath her feet

This guy is Out of Control was her last tweet

That’s why, ladies, you should always carry mace.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you MOFO’S

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    Did you know that tomorrow, May 12th is National Limerick Day? Of course you didn’t – neither did I. In honor of the limerick, a 5 line humorous poem
    [See the full post at: U2’s Ode to the Limerick!]

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    There was a young man from the Bost
    His limericks they all should be tossed.
    For the lines from the song
    Made his limericks too long,
    And he gave not a fuck ’bout the cost.

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      That limerick is GOLD! You should write it at, oh yeah you can’t, you’ve been BANNED! 😉

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    That Lenny from
    her comments were always da bomb
    from the blogs she’s not banned
    but the mods give a hand
    Cos the friends of Davcal need a Mom.

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      Leeny, can you write me a limerick for The Fly?

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        Can’t you see a have a talent for this? 😛
        Why would I waste my time on such a poor excuse for a U2 song?

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    Joe, I also didn´t know that the National Limerick Day will be tomorrow. You created some amazing poems! I´ve just spent some time with my mum, so here´s something in honour of Mother´s Day:

    I thought I´d enjoy a promenade with my mum
    We had the desire to see a blue sky and the sun
    All because of this spring rain this will remain a dream
    But we still rejoice in love, laughter and candy floss ice cream
    We´ll always remember trips to highest mountains, shining cities and hours of fun

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    Great limerick Pam. Leeny, I’m beginning to question your devotion to U2.

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      For you, Joe, On Mofo’s Day, I wrote two. Take your pick:

      There once was a song called The Fly
      I rated it not very high.
      The lyrics are shite;
      Its melody’s not right.
      Fans love it, but I can’t tell you why! 😛

      It’s no secret, that song called The Fly
      Upon hearing, stars fell from the sky.
      The sun was eclipsed
      As words fell from their lips
      Brutal honesty making us cry. 😉
      Happy Mofo Day y’all!

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    Thanks Joe! Here´s another one:

    Being one step closer to a peak, I realised that it was not a hill
    On this beautiful day the empty bottle was something I needed to refill
    With a shout I stated: No more water on the highest mountain!
    Thought I´ll go crazy when I desperately looked for a fountain
    A lake was my relief, but the fall into those cold waves of sorrow was not my will

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    Pam, you’re a poet and the world know it. Keep them coming!

    Leeny, I give your 2nd limerick an “A” for effort and an “F” for technique.

    As far as your 1st limerick goes, your last line answers your question. The reason why you don’t is because you truly are not a fan. 😉

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    Gee, and the second one was me being nice. Read it again.

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    Your sentiment can not support your hatred for The Fly however, therefore it is a house of cards.

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      🙁 I suppose I deserve that, but I did try.

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    Pam these are great. MORE!

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    Leeny is a friend of mine
    In a few weeks, we will sit down & dine
    She will learn that U2’s Fly is the best song
    And that all these years, she’s been wrong
    When she rights her wrong, she will be fine!

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      It will take a monster margarita
      To convince this stubborn senorita
      That your favorite song
      Isn’t hopelessly wrong
      And half-way to “like” I will meet ya. 🙂

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        No sale. You can’t convince me that 99 % of your hatred of my beloved Fly is because of my love for it. 😉 The goal is not soul, it is to convince you of The Fly’s SUPERIORITY!

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        Thank God!
        For a minute there I thought I was going to actually have to sell my soul and learn to like that festering boil.

        Although, …… that monster margarita would always be welcome. 😉

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    Glad you enjoy my limericks, Joe. Okay, here´s one more:

    The lady with the spinning head was dancing in a discothéque
    When she fell down after a little vertigo she almost broke her neck
    Luckily all she broke was one crimson nail
    Moving in mysterious ways, she suddenly turned into an cat dubh with a long tail
    Screeching between the midnight and the dawning, she left everyone´s heart blue and black

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    Leeny, I’d like to stuff your limerick definition up your Haiku! 😉

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    I read it, still don’t feel the love! Go listen to The Fly for some badly needed inspiration.

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    I’m suggesting the universe was brought to its knees by the intimacy of that song, and you don’t feel the love? Joseph!

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    Joe, here are two additional poems:

    I get on my boots to travel to Zoo Station
    Without any people around, I feel so bad because of my isolation
    All I can see right in front of me is a monkey
    Looking in the other direction, I ask myself: Who´s gonna ride that wild donkey?
    Guess only a miracle drug can light my way to get out of this desolation
    I went wandering through a forest and suddenly met a bear
    I was running scared in the valley below with my face of fear
    Apparently I descended into hell when I also had to cope with an electrical storm
    The world I once saw in green and blue was ripped and torn
    After hatching some plot in a nightmare a bird was a wake-up call I could hear

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    To properly honor the limerick, I must complete your abbreviated definition.

    The standard form of a limerick is a stanza of five lines, with the first, second and fifth rhyming with one another and having three feet of three syllables each; and the shorter third and fourth lines also rhyming with each other, but having only two feet of three syllables. The defining “foot” of a limerick’s meter is usually the anapaest, (ta-ta-TUM), but catalexis (missing a weak syllable at the beginning of a line) and extra-syllable rhyme (which adds an extra unstressed syllable) can make limericks appear amphibrachic (ta-TUM-ta).

    Joe, your limericks have taught me why Chris can’t let go of Invisible.

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