U2: Random Rants.

1. I don’t particularly care for Lemon, Your Blue Room, Wild Honey or Fez-Being Born. If you think U2 fans should love every song that U2 makes, you need to get your head out of the mud.
2. The jury is still out on Guy Oseary. I thought he was supposed to be a young Paul McGuiness, a tech savvy guru. No Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vines, smoke signals. Nothing.
3. Whose brilliant idea was it to let the world into Ordinary Love & Invisible and then pull a Harry Houdini?
4. Hey U2, go grab God by his rosary beads, drag his a** into the doorway & tell him to walk through the room already.
5. Five years between CD’s????
6. Forget about trying to attract a younger audience. Youth is wasted on the young. The 40-90 year olds are your bread & butter.
7. I think if you don’t like Acrobat, you’re a Mofo!
8. Springsteen is 10 years older than U2 & no one talks about him retiring or running out of material.
9. If and when this new CD comes out & if it’s over polished, it will sell less than No Line on the Horizon.
10. Forget about producing songs for the radio. Have you listened to it lately? You’re not missing anything.
11. It’s time for U2 to stop using opening acts and extend their shows. If they need 3 weeks to recover because of an extra hour of songs, so be it.
12. If you’re a Bono hater, grow up. His ends always justify his means.
13. Stand Up Comedy needs to be played live, it’s that good. If the next CD rocks like Stand Up Comedy, it will do very well.
14. Hey, set-list guy, we don’t care what songs you think are tired, old or overplayed.
15. I’m alright with U2 moving their millions to the Netherlands to save a few bucks. Let’s not pretend that we wouldn’t do the same.
16. I get that music is subjective, but those who don’t think that Achtung Baby is U2’s best work are delusional.
17. Intellectual Tortoise is quite possibly is the worst lyrical phrase in U2 history. Agree?
18. Note to Edge – You’re bald and we don’t care.
19. Note to Larry – Smile. You’ve got the body of an Adonis, you have more money than a God and you’re the drummer in the biggest band in the world.
20. Passengers & Million Dollar Hotel were not U2’s best ideas.
21. Lanois + Eno = Gold. Bring them back in to clean this train wreck up.
22. No Line on the Horizon is probably not as bad as I think it is and not as good as most think it is.
23. Giving up on Breathe last tour was a mistake.
24. Benedict Cumberbatch’s photo bomb of U2 at the Oscar’s was childish, immature and inappropriate and I loved it.
25. U2’s coyness regarding their new CD is getting old. I’d prefer them saying, “Our new stuff is not up to par, we’re starting from scratch, see you in 2017.
26. I could have done without both Killing Bono (movie & book).
27. I couldn’t care less if you like U2, but if you don’t recognize their greatness and at least have them in the conversation as the greatest band ever, you need to reevaluate.
28. I don’t know Gavin Friday from Joe Friday.
29. I’m no fashion plate, but Bono’s summer wear, especially his hat selections, are closer to Bad than Magnificent.
30. Hey GA line guy, being in line 3 days prior to a U2 concert impresses nobody.

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An avid U2 fan, who doesn't take our group too seriously. Sixth grade teacher, married and have an 8 year old boy who is also a huge fan...he didn't have a choice.

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    1. I don’t particularly care for Lemon, Your Blue Room, Wild Honey or Fez-Being Born. If you think U2 fans should love every song that U2 makes, you n
    [See the full post at: U2: Random Rants.]

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    22)Keep thinking. You’re heading in the right direction down the stations of the cross.

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    Joe, this is a great and funny summary of things U2 fans might think about in these days. 🙂
    I agree that Stand Up Comedy would be an exciting highlight in live concerts and it would certainly generate much enthusiasm among the crowd. I always love U2´s atmospheric soundscapes, but of course the new CD needs some powerful rock songs that focus on the raw sound of guitars and drums. I also hope that it won´t be too polished. U2 would have to release new material more often to attract a younger audience. I will belong to the 40-90 year olds quite soon! I´m already curious for Bono´s upcoming summer wear. If it´s hot I will honour his style by wearing a straw hat again. 😉

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    I think I’m finally sober enough to respond here…
    4) HIM? HIS? Rant is not even close! Joe, I’m right downstairs and I’m going ballistic. You, my friend, are going to be on a Megabus for Texas today.
    17) In spite of my rage from #4 I will give some little known background information here. Intellectual Tortoise is a Zen insult which Edge hurled at Bono and Larry when he stormed put of their last Bible study group.
    Time to shower. I’m still steaming about #4, so make sure there are no sharp knives at breakfast.

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    Leeny, him/her, I don’t care if God is a transgender sitting in the Hard Rock Cafe, walk on through the room already.

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