U2 Gets a “Letter!”


Is there any more powerful letter in our alphabet than the letter “U?” With or without “U,” you can spell the word color (colour), behavior (behaviour). All because of “U,” you can turn Mofo into the best curse word ever uttered in the history of mankind, and when you say to a loved one, “All I want is “U,” you’re pretty much guaranteed action that night, unless you were a real “A”-hole! Letters are, and continue to be, an essential component to U2, more so then just crossing their T’s & dotting their I’s.

For example, is it possible for Bono to mind his P’s & Q’s….EVER? No! Doesn’t matter if it’s fighting the same things MLK stood up against, like the KKK, or other, more modern ailments like V.D., S.T.D’s or the HIV virus, Bono is there. Bono also likes to dabble into the Scriptures for lyrical inspiration, I’m sure he’s looked into the Letters to the Corinthians, which are Greek to me. The only Greek letters I know are alpha & Betamax.

You could say that Greek is my Achilles heel regarding languages. Who do you think licked all those unsealed envelopes containing letters at his dad’s post office gig? Brother Norman? Even at the end of U2’s “Love you like Mad”, Bono uses letters to communicate, spelling out “M-O-M” & “M-A-D.” The F.C.C. probably KO’d the four-letter words Bono originally spelled out. Where did U2 go in the beginning, when the U.K.first said “F.U.”? The U.S.A. that’s where, into the arms of America, where the Irish immigrants have always been treated like P-I-G-S. Makes sense.

Remember the TV station with the letters, MTV? MTV DJ’S had U2’s, When Love Comes to Town, with B.B. King, in constant rotation, usually between UB40, ABC & MJ’s, P.Y.T.!   F.I.F.A World Cup commercials, the I.R.A., BBC, JFK… OK, you get the point. U2 has never done anything by the letter of the law, which is part of the reason that we love them. Sure, they’ve done next to nothing since receiving a Dear John letter from Paul McGuiness &  ducking the I.R.S. & moving most of their fortune to another E.U. hideout. Sure, their career is in desperate need of C.P.R., but don’t count out these cardiac kids quite yet. It appears that the only 3 letters that U2 don’t have to bank on are the letters, ATM. Thanks for giving us a great life indeed!

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    Is there any more powerful letter in our alphabet than the letter “U?” With or without “U,” you can spell the word color (colour), behavior (behaviour
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    Joe, reading this blog is FUN and I always enjoy your humour! It´s true that letters play a big role in U2´s music. You included some great references to history, the Scriptures and Bono´s activism to fight HIV. The song Angel Of Harlem contains the line “On BLS I heard the sound of an angel”. With this line Bono honoured Billie Holiday and the radio station that played her music.

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    Your additions Pam always get an A+. Thanks.

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    Thank you, Joe! More letters have just come to mind: When Bono wrote the lyrics for Seconds from the WAR album he mentioned the U.S.S.R and D.D.R.

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    Seconds is such a great song. If U2 resurrected it, it would be O.K. with me. 😉

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    I agree. A live version of Seconds would be a memorable rarity in a U2 concert. 🙂

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    Speaking of letters, random fact. If you begin spelling the numbers out in order; one, two, three and so on…you won’t use the letter “A” until one thousAnd. 😉

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      Unless, of course you’re Irish. Then it comes as early as farteen (right after tree, ye know…ono, dos, tree, farteen).

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    Amazing insight, Joe! I never thought of the numbers. It takes more than a second to count to one thousAnd! 😉

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    i do NOT enjoy your humoUr as much as pam does , but i have a secret …she really doesnt either ….JOKE …I AM JOKING !!!! she loves you and what you write !!!
    nice article …wasnt aware that the IRS has jurisdiction over Ireland TOO !!! the USA truly does rule the MOFO planet
    ps- saying “all i want is U” is may be a “step in the right direction”….dont know about “guarantee”
    (see how this works – i’m responding to WHAT YOU WROTE )
    you dont know “omega” , my friend ???
    you dont know “lambda lambda lambda “???
    yeah!!! your truly do not “go to movies”
    brilliant use of PYT
    o!!! the days when MTV actually played videos
    (now , my family didnt have cable ….does that mean i’ve never seen a music vid?)

    i have a challenge for you , JOE …..write a straight ahead , non-pithy, non-witty (ok , SOME wit) , non -smart ass analysis of WHAT THE FUCK is going on with our boys
    why such a blitz with invisible , then fall off the face of the earth

    As usual, enjoyable reading ….thank you

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    I could write that James, but really have no interest or insight to wtf they’re doing. Any thoughts about the topic on my part would be my usual drivel.

    Btw, the I.R.S. runs the WORLD!

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